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Instagram is still one of the most authentic social media platforms. For businesses, Instagram ads have some of the best return on investment. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means some benefits and some downsides. The benefits are that it integrates with Facebook with one stop for management and analytics. The downside is that Instagram has gone from a clean, chronological feed of images to a mix of a feed that shows posts by algorithm instead of time, 24-hour “stories”, and IGTV.


Create account on Boost

Instagram doesn’t allow links, but this app allows users to buy just by leaving a comment. You come up with a hashtag for each piece of merchandise, which will be followed by a Boost-provided 3-digit number to ensure its uniqueness. When you post your product on Instagram, your followers can comment with that designated hashtag from their mobile devices or computers. They are then sent a text to confirm their order, you are notified, and your products are out the door in no time.

While there is a fee for sellers, buyers can sign up free to use this service.


Create an account on Hashtagify

Hashtags are another essential element on Instagram and social media in general. Adding the perfect hashtag to your post can rapidly increase the reach and impressions of your content. Enter Hashtagify, a great way to find and analyze the top hashtags for Instagram, see the popularity, trends, and correlations of hashtags and more. Hashtagify is brilliant as it can also show you hashtags related to the one you are searching for, saving you the time of manually researching each tag on Instagram, So next time you’re stuck for hashtags on your Instagram post,  give Hashtagify a try!


Want to create sexy quotes, ads, and other types of graphics? Build your brand effortlessly, instantly, and fun-fully. Choose from gazillions of royalty-free, hand-picked photos, fonts, graphics, templates, and tools to filter, blend, mask, and blur like a pro. A lot of people use Canva, which is still a workhorse for graphics, but Over is faster and easier to use on your phone!


Create an account on Iconosquare

Available in over 30 languages, this internet tool boasts a big Instagram search engine, a user-friendly platform, and the capability to respond directly to comments on your page. While you can see some data analytics through Facebook and Instagram insights, Iconosquare goes deeper to show you things like Instagrammers who are interested in topics relevant to your brand, see which hashtags get the most attention, and view an analysis of not just your account but other Instagram users’ accounts as well.


Create account on Later

As a business you should be using a social media tool to schedule and manage your social media. For a long time, Instagram banned tools from posting to its platform. Despite that, Later developed a tool to plan and curate your Instagram account (and you could open it on your app and manually copy/paste your planned images onto your Instagram).

About two years ago, Instagram finally loosened its rules to let tools, including Later, to post directly to Instagram. We use SmarterQueue to manage our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but we still use Later for our Instagram, and we’re not alone. Sure, some of it is inertia – we’ve gotten used to managing our Instagram separately. We’d argue that you should still use Later to manage your Instagram. There are things about Instagram that make it unique among social media platforms. One thing, for instance, is how visual it is, and Later has a feature that lets you see upcoming posts laid out on a phone, so you can make it visually cohesive. Another is that you can search and repost influencers aligned with your brand.

Plus, let’s be honest, Later has the best blogs about Instagram and even things like social media marketing. We geek out pretty hard over them!


SnapWidget is a free plugin that helps you display Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on your website to increase your followers. An Instagram icon is so last year, why not show your actual Instagram to potential customers?


Create account on Shortstack

Thinking of hosting a giveaway contest on Instagram? It is a popular way for companies and brands to increase audience numbers and encourage more engagement with their brand. ShortStack is a super cool tool for quickly organizing user-generated content (UGC) contests. This is where participants can enter a giveaway contents by posting a photo with your specially selected hashtag on Instagram, which is associated with your content. ShortStack will then gathers up all the images that have been posted on your content hashtag and display them.

The service is free up to 100 entries. If you want more entries then you will have to upgrade to the more advanced plans.

Social Rank

Create an account on Social Rank

This sweet tool allows you to track, sort, and categorize your followers. Find out who has the most influence on Instagram, who has been actively engaging with your brand and with what frequency, and who the verified users are on your follower list. You can also search for bio keywords, hashtags, and more. All of this allows you to create an experience your followers appreciate and find relevant to their interests.


You’ve probably started recording an Instagram Story only to realize that you ran out of time, and had to start over, right? If you wanted to record a longer video to cut into smaller pieces to post, or need to do some quick editing, Storeo is the app that the pros use!

Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by this list? Why not have us manage your Instagram instead? Give us an email today!

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