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Facebook Changes in 2019

Did you happen to catch some guy called Mark Zuckerberg talking to some congressmen or something? Yeah, that was “kind of a big deal”, but we all knew that Facebook has been making HUGE changes in the past year. Those are nothing compared to Facebook changes in 2018. If you read and watch all these great resources below, you’ll be ready to rock and roll when all your friends, colleagues, and clients ask you:

What’s up with Facebook!?!?

1. Facebook Updates You Need To Know for 2019

Social Media Today has come out with one of the best quick list of updates like Facebook Ad solutions and seatures updates, Facebook updates for Pages, Facebook measurement updates and more! Check it out.

2. Mark Zuckerberg Announces Facebook’s Positive Changes in 2019

Digital News Daily announces that Facebook is spending billions of dollars on safety and security measures, including employing more than 30,000 safety specialists.

“We’re a very different company today than we were in 2016, or even a year ago,” Zuckerberg said. “We’ve fundamentally altered our DNA to focus more on preventing harm in all our services, and we’ve systematically shifted a large portion of our company to work on preventing harm.”

3. Facebook Advertising Changes in 2019

This post by the amazing Andrea Vahl is one of the best I’ve read this year about how Facebook is changing up its advertising. From sizing to a continued push to use Business Manager, you’ll want to read this ASAP!

4.Facebook changes: How will my account be different?

When your mom, friend, man on the street corner you to ask “what about that Facebook”, this outsider’s article on CNN Tech will give you the 411 on everything the ordinary Joe is going to see happen to their personal Facebook.

5. Facebook Algorithm Change: What Marketers Need to Know

Oberlo Facebook changes in 2018

If you’re at an agency or a one-man or woman show, you need to read this to know what’s up behind the scenes when it comes to your services for your clients. Oberlo knows that cute kitten photos NEVER GET OLD. Facebook changes in 2018 affect marketers most of all, so don’t be caught unaware!

6. 10 reasons to dump Facebook in 2019

Have you noticed that Facebook has gotten kindof quiet lately? Deleting Facebook has gone from a really radical idea to something lots of my friends and family have done in the past year, and yours probably as well.

7. Prepare for These 4 Changes on Facebook Within the Next Year

“After a tumultuous year for Facebook, it’s unsurprising that many of the company’s advertising changes revolve around the proper handling of user data. Updated regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, have encouraged the platform to remove specific third-party demographic targeting features, such as household income and behavioral targeting.

Also, the social media hub has implemented procedures that prevent advertisers with custom audiences from sharing user data without users’ consent.”

8. What to know about the Facebook Algorithm before 2019

This is just a summary of a bigger report on how users are using Facebook in 2019 and what changes we can expect from the famous Facebook algorithm.

9. Effective Facebook Advertising Strategies for 2019

The awe-inducing Gary Vaynerchuk is a must read for getting ready to hit Facebook in 2019.

10. What 777,367,063 Facebook Posts Tell Us About Successful Content in 2019 (New Research)

Facebook marketing in 2019 isn’t dead. On the contrary, it’s far from it. Now removed from the dim outlook that businesses faced at the beginning of 2018, Facebook has and will remain an essential tool for brands’ marketing strategies moving forward. In our big State of Social Media 2019 Report, we found that 93.7 percent of businesses use and are currently active on Facebook — the most among any other social media network.” -Buffer

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